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Hi, I’m Juley. I’ve been a full-time RVer for since September 2012. The first five years were with my late husband in our 5th wheel and motorhome. Now I travel solo with my dog Murphy. We live in my own RV. My much-beloved Airstream travel trailer, Bridget, and travel whenever and wherever I choose. It’s a great life.

Our travels have taken us more than 35,000 miles in just the past three years. We have traveled from Washington State to Maine to The Florida Keys and back again on our own. I’ve also tackled repairs and maintenance on my own and when I do, I share it with you.

We have camped in high-end resorts and dry camped in Walmart parking lots. I prefer boondocking as far away from civilization as possible and over the past year, we did a lot of that.

Now I help people learn about RVing and build confidence so they are comfortable traveling solo.

About me
Murphy and Me

I hope you enjoy our stories, photos, and tips. Please feel free to leave a comment for us. I promise we cherish each and every one.

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